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Procurement Management Software for Distributors

Procurement Management Software Including Automated Replenishment, RFQs, EDI, PO Tracking, Landed Costs & Special Orders

Powerful Procurement Management Software for Distributors

Accolent ERP delivers powerful procurement management software for distributors that can improve your purchasing processes as well as refining your inventory replenishment. Accolent ERP purchasing tools include automated inventory replenishment parameters, RFQs (Requests for Quotes), PO tracking, Container tracking, Landed Costs and special orders linked to POs that can facilitate drop-ships and cross-docking.

  • Extensive vendor cross-referencing lookup by user-defined keywords, product categories, product description, etc.
  • Enter products on a purchase order by product code or by vendor’s product code
  • Support for multiple UOMs allows the same product to be purchased, received, costed, priced and sold in different units of measure
  • Recommended Purchase Report generates replenishment order based on Min/Max parameters entered with option to automatically create purchase orders
  • Determine optimal order quantity based on vendors’ quantity break pricing
  • Support for vendor discounts by weights and cubes
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for overdue items by vendor, open purchase orders by vendor, expected receipts by date, etc.
  • Ability to cancel un-received items on open purchase orders
  • Permission-based ability to over-receive items, partially receive items, enter landed cost, add additional lines
  • Option to send and receive purchase orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Display status of special order items by vendor and retrieve them into a PO
  • Specialized integrated processing of special order items with drop-ship from vendor to customer fully supported
  • Supports centralized purchasing for multiple warehouse systems using full warehouse transfer capabilities
  • Create RFQs on multiple vendors to obtain best pricing
  • Send RFQs of list of products to competing vendors
  • Supports brokerage-type model of minimizing inventory on hand by obtaining sales orders then sourcing products through extensive RFQ sent to multiple vendors
  • Create RFQ products list manually or import from an order, quote, purchase order, or invoice
  • Predefine list of vendors to receive RFQ based on products
  • Restrict requests for certain products from being sent to certain vendors
  • Record all vendor quoted prices and maintain a full history for prices for each product from each vendor
  • System automatically highlights best pricing from vendor
  • Once vendor is selected, automatically create POs
  • Create recommended purchasing report and/or automatically generate purchase orders
  • Analyze history by warehouse and purchase by warehouse or centrally with/without warehouse transfers
  • Create product use-rates based on historical sales information including “stock out” periods, “seasonal variations”, and “extraordinary” sales events
  • User-specified days of desired inventory for a product
  • User-specified safety margin of stock
  • Structured review cycle
  • Order quantity can be set:
    • manually specifying an order quantity
    • manually specifying an “order up to” quantity
    • automatically based on desired inventory level, use rate, and safety stock
  • Predefined purchasing cycles supported
  • Review report of overstocks
  • Optionally automatically generate Purchase Orders based on Recommended Replenishment Report
  • Out of stock conditions can be reviewed manually
  • Electronically transmit and convert documents between trading partners
  • Automate images/invoicing and sending/receiving electronic mail using EDI
  • Electronically send and receive purchase orders (without reentering purchasing choices)
  • Send the following forms through EDI:
    • receipts of purchase orders (form 850)
    • purchase order changes (form 860)
    • purchase order acknowledgments (form 997)
    • invoices sent to a vendor (form 810) and more
  • Confirm acceptance or rejection of each PO
  • Report confirmed POs before transmission
  • Create EDI invoices automatically for EDI flagged customers when invoices are printed
  • Choose to send Acknowledgments of POs (form 997)
  • Optionally print an invoice for your files (with a message not to send the invoice)
  • Benefit from more than 20 years of experience with EDI
  • Create purchase orders over some period of time and record purchase order date, and date submitted to vendor
  • Record expected PO receipt date and update continuously as new information becomes available
  • Record extensive information on the shipment of goods on PO such as the ex-works date, carrier, expected departure, expected delivery date, tracking no., container no., insurance, etc.
  • All the shipping details and other information on the PO can be continually updated as needed and stored on the PO
  • Track POs by Container or by Vessel or by Arrival Port, Expected Delivery Date, etc.
  • Record unlimited Landed Costs for each PO, including freight, port storage, insurance, tariffs, import duties, drayage,etc.
  • Allocate Landed Costs to the items on the PO, line by line by extended cost, weight or cubes
  • Allocated Landed Costs are capitalized into the average costs of the products on the PO
  • Extensive, automated and extremely powerful special order processing functionality
  • Automatically create POs for special order items tied to specific customer orders
  • Drop ship items from vendor directly to end customer
  • Automatically match POs with special order pick tickets
  • Designate stock items as one-time special order items when ordering
  • Single screen shows all aspects of special order including detailed status display
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