Container Tracking Software for Distributors

Create Containers, record Container Costs and track Containers through the Supply Chain

Container Tracking Software for Importers

Accolent ERP's  Container tracking software allows you to go beyond just booking ocean freight. Instead, start with specifying for the manufacturer which goods to pack and ship. Select specific PO lines from multiple POs that are ready to ship from the manufacturer’s factories. Specify which goods to be packed in the Container to (i) prioritize urgently needed items (ii) optimize Container weight and cubes and (iii) minimize unused weight/cubes in the Container. Adjust for multiple possible standard Container types to get the best results.

Use Container Tracking Software to Record and Pay Container Costs

Arrange for payment of any type of Container Costs such as Ocean Freight, Insurance, Clearing Charges, Customs Duties and Tariffs, Port Charges, Demurrage and Detention Charges, Multimodal Charges, Drayage Charges, Intermodal Charges and Local Delivery Charges and more.

  • Vendor invoices for all the Container Costs, that are typically incurred prior to receipt of the POs, can be vouchered and paid when due
  • When the Container is delivered, receive the PO lines packed in the Containe
  • Using the Container breakdown by PO lines, correctly apportion the Container Costs to each PO line as Landed Costs
  • Apportion Container costs on the basis of extended costs, weight or cubes

Full Visibility on Containers through the Supply Chain

Record all relevant details with a Container, including information such as Container No, Loading Date, Shipping Carrier, Shipping Vessel, Voyage No, Bill of Lading No, Incoterms Code, Country of Origin, Departure Port, Departure Date, Destination Port, Arrival Date Scheduled, Arrival Date Actual, Port Release Date, Customs Status, Entry No, Insurance Carrier, Clearing Agent, Intermodal Carrier, and other data with the Container.

  • Use the Accolent ERP integration with FreightPOP, full TMS solution, to track your goods through the Supply Chain
  • Get real-time track and trace updates directly from shipping lines and update other Container information through FreightPOP
  • Get updated delay and re-routing information and proactively take steps to address and mitigate potential demurrage and detention fees
  • Knowing exactly where your Container is at all times improves transparency, reduces transportation costs, demurrage and detention costs and ensures you get your goods soonest.


Correctly Apportion Container Costs to the PO Lines

Accurately apportion the many levels of Container costs to PO lines as Landed Costs to get the true costs of your imported goods.

  • Eliminate the guessing that can result in inaccurate costing of goods which can lead to pricing errors, potentially affecting sales and profitability
  • Maintain full Container costs and Landed cost allocations for audit purposes
  • Automatically calculate HTS tariffs based on rates stored on the product, and record and pay import tariffs and duties and allocate directly to the products
  • Allocate other Container costs to specific PO lines on the basis of weight, cubes or extended price
  • Capitalize Container Costs as Landed Costs when the POs are received



Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


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