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Purchasing Management Software

Accolent ERP's purchasing management software delivers powerful, flexible, stock replenishment capabilities for distributors

Purchasing Management Software Improves Inventory Replenishment

Since investment in inventory is typically the single largest capital outlay for distributors, getting the right purchasing management software that optimizes inventory levels will substantially improve financial performance. Accolent ERP purchasing management software simplifies all aspects of inventory management and replenishment to improve the efficiency of a distribution business and optimize your ROI. Accolent ERP helps you make strategic purchasing decisions to ensure you maintain adequate stock levels, fulfill special orders, buy goods at the best price, and make informed decisions.

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Purchasing Management Software Tools

Accolent ERP’s powerful purchasing management software includes purchasing automation options which take the guesswork out of when to re-order and how much to re-order.

  • Use the Inventory Replenishment Report recommendations to stock accurately to meet anticipated demand based on:
    • seasonality,
    • past performance,
    • vendor or manufacturer incentives
    • and more
  • Automatically create the purchase orders
  • Accolent ERP allows the same product to be purchased, received, costed, priced and sold in different units of measure providing maximum flexibility
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Get Prices from Multiple Vendors

Accolent ERP provides powerful capabilities to diversify your vendors and to negotiate best terms. Get quotes from multiple vendors and compare to get the best pricing.

  • Accolent ERP purchasing management software automates the process of creating a list of products and sending it to multiple vendors as an RFQ (Request for Quotation)
  • RFQ functionality facilitates the comparison of availability, prices and terms across different vendors
  • Create the best combinations of vendors and purchase order line to optimize pricing and terms
  • Accolent ERP retains the Vendor Price History for all vendors for all products even if PO is not places

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Many large vendors are increasingly specifying that POs (Purchase Orders) have to be delivered as EDI forms. Accolent ERP purchasing management software offers an EDI module that can be configured to conform with vendors’ EDI requirements.

  • Use of EDI will increase automation and accuracy to reduce costs, improve efficiency and cut down on errors
  • Supports multiple standard EDI forms for multiple EDI workflows
  • Works with multiple VANs
  • Can work for large numbers of trading partners
  • Can support documents delivered by VANs in the Cloud or to the desktop


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


Accolent ERP Technology

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Implementation and Training

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Accolent ERP Purchasing Management Software Features

Accolent ERP’s Inventory and Purchasing software includes

  • Repurchase Min/Max Parameters – Allows specifying individual product parameters based on safety stock, lead time, sales volume, and usage. Periodically, run reports to evaluate appropriateness of parameters entered
  • Recommended Inventory Replenishment Report – Generate recommended purchases that can be overridden and automatically create Purchase Orders
  • Request for Quotation - Manage and compare quotations from multiple vendors; automatically select best allocation among multiple vendors and automatically create POs
  • Track Sending and Receiving of POs - Record PO Sent date and dates of the PO Receipt(s) to track vendor performance
  • Automatically Consolidate POs - Automatically consolidate POs to achieve shipping and pricing discounts
  • Track POs in Transit - Record a configurable set of data including ex-Works Date, Container No, Shipping Carrier, Vessel No, Voyage No, Departure Port, Departure Date, Destination Port, Arrival Date, Insurance Carrier, etc.
  • Send and Receive PO Documents via EDI – Receipt of PO (form 850), PO Changes (form 860), PO Acknowledgement (form 997), Vendor Invoice (form 810)
  • Wireless Warehouse Management – Allows use of WMS scanner-based functionality to wirelessly receive POs and put-away
  • Landed Costs – Unlimited user-defined Landed Costs supported. Automatically allocate Landed Costs to the product cost based on Extended Cost, Weight or Cubes for each Landed Cost independently
  • Powerful Warehouse Transfer Functionality - Warehouse Transfers work like internal POs placed on the Sending Warehouse and internal Sales Orders to the Receiving Warehouse. Supports centralized purchasing models

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