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Accolent ERP Business Intelligence Integration with Phocas Software 

Accolent ERP delivers a business intelligence integration through Phocas software. The business intelligence integration delivers your Accolent ERP data to functional databases that can be analysed using industry-leading data analytics tools. Slice and dice your data to discover relationships within the data and uncover deep insights into your business.

Accolent ERP's business intelligence integration can deliver fresh insight to your business and empower decision makers

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     Company-wide Data and Analytics

     Financial Statements

     Budgeting and Forecasting

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Company-wide Data and Financial Analytics

Identifying sales opportunities. Growing margins. Optimizing processes. It's possible to achieve these and more with one of the most valuable assets at your fingertips: data. The Phocas software integration delivers best-in-class data and financial analytics to Accolent ERP users, helping them drill into key information and follow their train of thought to gain insights — empowering them to make better decisions for their businesses.

  • Stay up-to-date with the daily changes of your business
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual reporting processes
  • Visualize data across all of your business systems from production to sales
  • Prepare financial statements and deliver accurate revenue forecasts

Financial Statements

Unshackle finance teams from the grind of static reporting, liberate the numbers that make your business tick and help your business thrive with proactive attention on revenue, expense and financial KPI’s.



Budgeting and Forecasting

Better predict what’s going to happen in your business with a more dynamic and user-friendly solution. Your budget process becomes seamless and ultimately more accurate. The solution is well-suited to rolling forecasts, allowing you to keep pace with changing market conditions and have a clear picture of your business.



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“We can drill down into reports and pull together information that can make the difference between a great business decision and a poor one.”

Director of Business Development, Aaron & Company