RFID Inventory Management Software 

Accolent ERP can work with RFID systems for inventory management 

RFID Inventory Management 

Accolent ERP RFID (radio-frequency identification) inventory management allows for the use of smart tags that can be read by RFID readers to track items. Using RFID inventory management enables real-time inventory tracking, cutting down on errors and eliminating the need for manual inventory counts. A typical RFID system consists of RFID readers that can be fixed or mobile, RFID tags and RFID middleware software. Accolent ERP links to the RFID middleware through APIs to record the results of inventory counts, outgoing shipments or incoming POs.

How RFID Inventory Management Works

RFID systems consist of RFID tags, RFID readers and an RFID midleware solution.

  • RFID tags that can be active (i.e., have their own power source and transmit an RF signal) or passive (i.e., have no power source), can be purchased, encoded and affixed to inventory items.
  • RFID readers, that are either fixed or mobile, can then read these tags and record the items.
  • Unlike barcode scanners, RFID readers do not require line of sight to the tags and can read multiple tags at the same time.
  • The RFID data is then displayed in some kind of middleware software.

RFID System Middleware REST APIs

Accolent ERP can be integrated with any RFID system where the middleware layer has a REST API.

  • RFID middleware solutions typically support multiple hardware systems as well as fixed or mobile readers.
  • RFID middleware solutions can also typically be scaled from simple applications to track RFID data up to enterprise-level solutions designed to track multiple assets and locations.
  • All RFID middleware systems collect and display RFID data and are designed to pass this data to applications like Accolent ERP.
  • Accolent ERP has integrated with TagMatiks Wedge.

Accolent ERP RFID Inventory Management Use Cases

Once integrated with RFID system middleware, Accolent ERP RFID inventory management can be used for:

  • Physical Inventory Counting – With RFID, once a batch is created in Accolent ERP to fix the inventory, the section of the warehouse can be scanned by traversing it with the RFID reader, The results can then be automatically uploaded to Accolent ERP to create the discrepancy report and adjust the inventory balances.
  • PO Receiving – If incoming POs are tagged RFID readers can automatically read the incoming items. The results can be uploaded to Accolent ERP to then automatically receive the POs, update inventory and average cost.
  • Outgoing Orders – Orders when shipped can be scanned either manually or through a fixed RFID reader at the loading dock. The results can then be automatically uploaded to Accolent ERP.


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Benefits of Using RFID

Using Accolent ERP RFID inventory management has multiple benefits over barcode scanning or manual inventory, including:

  • Reduce Errors - Greatly cut down on errors from manually entering or looking up product codes.
  • Much Easier to Scan - Much more versatile than barcode scanners. RFID readers do not require line-of-sight to read a tag and can read the tag at a distance.
  • Faster Scans - Unlike barcode scanners, RFID readers can scan multiple tags at a time, Increasing productivity and efficiency of inventory tracking. With fixed readers, you can get a full inventory count at any time.
  • Significantly Reduce Manual Effort -RFID systems are much more automated than manual or even barcode systems and can track inventory, receive POs and verify shipments with little to no manual intervention.
  • Comply with WalMart Mandate -If you supply WalMart and certain other major retailers, RFID tags are required.
  • Improve Asset Tracking – In addition to RFID inventory management, RFID tracking can be used for other expensive assets such as tools and/or vehicles.

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