Lot-Controlled Products

Extensive Lot-Control and Location Tracking Features

Lot-Controlled and Location Tracked Products

Accolent ERP supports Lot-Controlled products which are tracked by Lot No., Manufacturer’s Lot No (if different), Expiry Date, Certificate No (optionally) and by Location. Lot-Controlled products are always also Location tracked. The Lot Ledger Card maintains a complete record of all transactions affecting the Lot and can be used for chain-of-custody and/or product recall purposes as necessary.

Multiple Lots in One Location and Vice Versa

Typically, one Lot will be recorded to one Location, depending on how the Locations in the warehouse are set up. However, in Accolent ERP, the Lots to Locations relationship is many-to-many. This means that multiple Lots may be associated with a single Location and a single Lot can be stored in multiple Locations. This provides flexibility to accommodate business models in which Lot-Controlled items do not have a fixed Location but instead are assigned to any Location that has available space. Because of the many-to-many relationship between Lots and Locations, the quantity is tracked by Lot-Location combination.

Lot Expiry Dates

In Accolent ERP entering a transaction for any Lot-Controlled product requires specifying at least, the Lot No, the Expiry Date, and the quantity on the transaction as well as the Location. This tracking of the Expiry Date allows for picking from oldest Lots first to minimize expired products wastage.

Product Lots Summary

The Lots Summary screen shows for a particular product, the summary of all Lots for that product in that warehouse. Each Lot includes a full document history for that Lot which details all transactions in and out that affected that Lot.


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