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Product Master, Units of Measure, Special Orders, Location, Catch Weights, Serialization, Lot Control, Rentals & Automated Updates from Vendors

Accolent ERP Distributor Inventory Software

Accolent ERP is complete distributor inventory software. Accolent ERP can handle multiple warehouses, multiple locations for each product in each warehouse, multiple units of measure for each product, multiple costs by product by warehouse, multiple types of products: raw materials, sales items, Bill of Materials, finished kits, unfinished kits etc. This delivers extremely powerful inventory management for distributors.

  • Product Master Record

    • Extensive cross-referencing in the distributor inventory software makes for easy product lookup
    • Define up to three Product Descriptions and a user-entered freehand Description on the order plus full SEO Descriptions and Marketing Descriptions for eCommerce purposes
    • Define multiple synonym product codes for each item (such as by unit-of-measure); order using vendor product codes or customer product codes
    • Organize products by Groups, Categories and Sub-Categories and assign unlimited product filters (e.g., Color, Size, Style)
    • Attach up to five images per product which are visible throughout the system
    • Product master record displays customers who last purchased an item and shows the last sale information by customer, including price
    • Extensive product sales history
    • Extensive purchase order history
    • Define alternate and accessory products for every item
    • Establish alternate vendors for each item with alternate cost for each vendor
    • Suggested order point and reorder quantities based on item lead time, demand history and desired stocking levels
    • Calculate reorder quantities using Min/Max economic order quantity
    • Multiple pricing for each product: List price, Quantity discounts, Customer Type pricing, Columnar pricing, and Advertised pricing by customer type (column price) with expiration date
    • Multiple costs for each product: Standard Cost, Alternate/Replacement Cost, Special Cost, Average Cost
    • Cost and price for items defined by warehouse
    • Configure products as available for eCommerce or not
    • Mark eCommerce products as New, Special or Featured Products

  • Multiple Units of Measure

    • Unlimited units of measure (UOMs) allowed for each product
    • Allow only certain UOMs for Selling or PO creation
    • Set Default Stocking UOM, Default PO UOM and Default Selling UOM
    • Allows for purchasing in one UOM, stocking in another UOM and selling in a different UOM

  • Special Order Products

    • Designate products as Special Order products that are never stocked or as one-time Special Order products
    • Extensive Special Order functionality linking sales orders to POs with optional drop shipping
    • Special Order functionality can be initiated from the sales order or from the PO; if from the sales order, POs can be auto created
    • Ability to edit sales order and linked PO or optionally. delink the transaction

  • Product Locations

    • Associate products with one or more locations
    • Locations associated with products will automatically print on Pick tickets and Put-Away receivers
    • If desired, when products are assigned to multiple locations, track inventory by location
    • Using locations specify picking patterns and assign to specific master pick tickets and pickers
    • Location tracking of lot-controlled products. Read more... 

  • Catch Weight Products

    • Supports catch weight allows for the sale of items of variable weight priced by the pound
    • Has particular application to food distribution where food materials may be stocked by the case or wheel of cheese but priced by the pound where each case or wheel may have a different weight
    • Sales orders are extended by the actual rather than notional weight of items
    • Items sold by unit, but cost by weight are automatically priced by weight
    • In ship-confirmation:
    • accept the weight(s) entered in order entry
    • enter the actual weights for each item
    • Supports decimal quantities
    • Read More....

  • Serialized Products

    • Mark products as serialized products and enforce recording of the serial number for every transaction for those products
    • Access product serial numbers from the product record or serial master record
    • Serial master displays the relevant details about a specific serial number
    • See history of all associated documents, transaction dates, and locations, and status on the Serial master

  • Lot Controlled Products

    • Designate products as lot-controlled products for regulatory, compliance, chain of control and/or tracking and recall purposes
    • Record lot and location information for all lot-controlled products from PO put-away to picking and sales and inventory movements
    • All lot-controlled items are also location-tracked
    • Sales orders record lot and location for each item
    • Distributor inventory software tracks lot number information from every aspect by purchase order, lot number, invoice, customer
    • Lot number information is maintained indefinitely
    • Read More....

  • Rental Products

    • Support for rental products
    • All rental products are tracked by serial numbers
    • Comprehensive rental screens show all rental products with status of rentals, including expected return
    • Allow partial/complete returns of rented items with automatic adjustment of subsequent billings
    • Automatically report and bill overdue rentals until returned

  • Automated Vendor Updates for Products

    • Simplify product maintenance by updating product information directly from vendors
    • Import and or manage complete product data:
      • To simplify product master maintenance, import data from vendors, trade associations or third-party aggregators
      • Import covers full product data including product descriptions, product images, specifications, pricing etc.
      • Import can be done for new products in insert mode or to update existing products
      • Combine with EDI capability to automate data import/updates from aggregators such as Trade Services, FEDA, AutoQuotes and others
    • Update vendor prices periodically:
      • Using an import template, update product costs, and suggested prices from a data file supplied by the vendor
      • Choose which vendor-supplied information to update and which to keep
      • Update information using vendor product numbers which will automatically be converted to your product codes

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