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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System with Warehouse Transfers, Inventory by Location, Wireless WMS & Barcoding

    • Inventory Management System

      • Inventory management system tracks inventory for one or multiple warehouses including transfers between warehouses
      • Very strong functionality to manage inventory across multiple warehouses including:
        • all inventory reports available for specified warehouses
        • ability to check inventory status and availability for each warehouse while entering quote, order, purchase order, etc.
        • selling prices for items can vary by warehouse
        • safety stock and inventory stocking levels by warehouse
      • Tracks the inventory of each product for each warehouse from PO Receipt through orders, fulfillment and restocking
      • For light manufacturing and assembly, finished inventory and raw materials are recorded by product by warehouse
      • Inventory ledger card shows all transactions changing inventory of every product in every warehouse
      • Inventory status screen shows detail of all the transactions for every product for every warehouse as the product moves through warehouse operations from orders to picking to shipping to invoice or back order
      • Multiple costs maintained for each product by warehouse to reflect local costs of labor and overhead
      • Inventory management system allows unlimited Landed Costs which are capitalized as direct product costs in accordance with GAAP
      • Physical inventory counting allows for creation of count sheets and cycle counts by location, vendor, product group, product category, product sub-category
      • Physical inventory count discrepancy report generated prior to making an inventory adjustment
      • Inventory management system allows inventory to be automatically adjusted from the discrepancy report

    • Warehouse Transfers

      • Complete functionality for warehouse transfers to move products from one warehouse to another
      • Receiving warehouses creates a Warehouse Transfer Request and when ready submits to the Sending warehouse; automatically creates a sales order on the Sending warehouse
      • Sending Warehouse processes the Warehouse Transfer just as a sales order with full support for picking, packing and shipping to receiving warehouse
      • Full tie-outs of all Warehouse Transfers by sending and receiving by warehouse
      • Supports centralized purchasing to receive aggregated purchases at one warehouse and then transfer to others

    • Inventory by Location

      • Associate a product with multiple locations
      • Track inventory of that product at each of the multiple locations specified for that product
      • Record where products are picked from and where put-away
      • Easily move products from one location to another to replenish widely used locations
      • Use locations to create picking patterns and assign different picking patterns and sequences to different orders/pickers

    • Wireless WMS System

      • Use wireless warehouse management software (WMS) system to receive POs, put-away, pick, pack, ship and deliver orders and count inventory
      • Supports either ruggedized fork-lift mounted tablets and connected scanner guns or all-in-one integrated hand-held wireless devices
      • Combine multiple orders in master pick tickets and assign to pickers
      • Specify picking sequences for pickers
      • Manage picking of products with multiple locations
      • Pack orders in multiple boxes and create packing lists, shipping labels
      • Use direct linkages with FedEx, UPS and USPS to select service and get freight and tracking numbers

    • Barcoding

      • Barcodes may be set up as synonyms for product codes, scanning a synonym barcode returns the product code
      • Barcodes may be linked to specific units of measure
      • Barcodes may be used to enter product codes by scanning barcodes, make bin labels, record multiple items in order entry or picking or PO receiving
      • Full support for printing barcodes on laser printers and select brands of thermal barcode label printers
      • Print barcodes using industry standard symbologies
      • Barcode readers can read multiple barcode formats
      • Different barcodes allow for different pack sizes of the same product
      • Barcodes supported in order entry, purchase order entry, inventory counting, receiving, and more

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