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Inventory Management Software for Distributors

Powerful Inventory Management Software for Distributors

Inventory Management Software for Distributors

Accolent ERP inventory management software for distributors solves the mission-critical problem for any distribution business of knowing exactly what goods are in which warehouse and how much is available to sell. Accolent ERP inventory management software for distributors tracks inventory across multiple warehouses. The Inventory Status screen shows for each product what level of inventory is in which warehouse, what is on order, what is currently being picked, what is on back order, what is on PO and expected, and what is in transfers between warehouses. This comprehensive and detailed view is critical to managing inventory successfully.

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Drill Down to Underlying Transactions

The inventory Status screen shows for each product for each warehouse the quantities on order, in picking, on back order, and gives the ability to drill down to the underlying transactions making up each inventory bucket. This allows for quickly identifying any discrepancies and addressing.

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Multiple Warehouse Sub-Statuses

Track all orders in fulfillment through the following sub-statuses: Ready to Pick, In Picking, Picked, Packed and Shipped. Using these sub-statuses, orders may be assigned to specific users to pick and specific users to pack. The wireless WMS automatically assigns sub-statuses as orders move through fulfillment.

Track Inventory by Location

Accolent ERP allows products to have multiple locations within a warehouse associated with each product and tracks inventory levels of the product at each location. The wireless WMS automatically records locations picked from with each pick ticket and locations put-away to with each PO Receiver


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


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Accolent ERP Inventory Management Software Features

Accolent ERP’s Inventory Management system includes

  • Multiple Warehouses Warehouse inventory management software shows availability across multiple warehouses
  • Multiple Locations for Each Product in Each Warehouse – Create multiple locations for each product in each warehouse and track inventory at each such location
  • Multiple Units of Measure for Each Product – Fully supports multiple UOMs allowing the same product to be purchased, received, costed, priced and sold in different UOMs with the same product code; also supports catch weight for products that are sold by the unit but priced by actual weight, length, etc,
  • Finished Kits and Unfinished Kits - Allows for Finished and Unfinished Kits. Inventory of Finished Kits is kept by the Finished Kit; inventory of Unfinished Kits is kept by the Kit component products
  • Finished Inventory and Raw Materials - Track finished inventory and raw materials

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