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Integrated Payment System for Distributors

Accolent ERP offers integrated payment acceptance through CardConnect

Integrated Payment System

Accolent ERP is integrated with CardConnect®, a unit of Fiserve/First Data one of the largest payment processors globally. By automatically processing Level 2 and Level 3 data, CardConnect® optimizes interchange charges ensuring the lowest possible rate on every transaction. All integrated payment system transactions automatically update records in Accolent ERP.

There are multiple benefits of using Accolent ERP/CardConnect® integrated payment system, including:

    • Minimizing interchange fees
    • Increasing cash flow by making it easy to get paid immediately using a Pay Now button on invoice transmittal emails
    • Complete omni-channel solution
    • Minimizing your costs of PCI-compliance and liability with industry-leading security
    • Automatically capturing payment details eliminating human error
    • Speeding reconciliation with extensive reporting tools and e-statements

Accolent ERP offers all virtual terminal, remote payment and card-present payment options:

  • Take Card Not-Present payments or Card Present ACH/eCheck payments using a virtual terminal
  • CardConnect offers a full line of Ingenico physical terminals that can be connected to the system; no need for a dedicated phone line
  • Ingenico terminals support Card Present transactions by swiping, reading chip, dipping, etc.
  • All transactions are tokenized for maximum security
  • All credit card numbers can be safely stored as tokens for re-use
  • Saved tokens cannot be decrypted, maximizing security and minimizing PCI-compliance issues and liability. 

Create and send invoices from Accolent ERP that can be paid remotely by the recipents:

  • When orders are moved to invoice, they can be set to be auto-emailed to the customer
  • Configure invoice transmittal emails to include a Pay Now button that appears in the body of the email
  • When customer clicks on the Pay Now button it opens a Hosted Payment Page
  • Using the HPP, customers can enter payments remotely that identify the invoice being paid and the payment amount
  • Payments can be by credit card or ACH/eCheck
  • When customer saves the HPP the payment is automatically captured by CardConnect and updates Accolent ERP


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


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Accolent ERP/CardConnect® Integrated Payment System

Accolent ERP now offers an integrated payment system to take payments through CardConnect®, a unit of Fiserve/First Data, one of the largest global payment processors. We integrated directly with CardConnect® to give Accolent ERP users access to the best pricing and the best payment acceptance technology available. Below are some of the key benefits of the Accolent ERP/CardConnect® integration:

  • Save Money on FeesCardConnect® automatically processes Level 2 and Level 3 data, ensuring the lowest possible rate on every transaction and resulting in, on average, a significant savings
  • Omni-channel Solution - the CardPointe® solution is accessible on any desktop, tablet or mobile device, and includes virtual and plug and play retail terminals
  • Select the most cost-efficient virtual or physical terminal solution for your business needs and save money
  • Multiple Warehouses – Inventory management system shows availability in multiple warehouses
  • Multiple Locations for Each Product in Each Warehouse – Create multiple locations for each product in each warehouse and track inventory at each such location
  • Increase Cash Flow - Send invoices with a Pay Now button and get paid as soon as possible; get next day funding with CardConnect®
  • Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities - All transactions secured using P2PE (point-to-point encryption) and tokenization to  provide maximum PCI compliance scope reduction and maximum data security
  • Reduce Human Error - Payments directly update Accolent ERP, recording tokenized ID and approval codes
  • Virtual Terminal - No need for any remote terminals, enter transactions directly into Accolent ERP

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