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Field Service Software for Distributors

Accolent ERP provides customizable field service software for distributors

Accolent ERP Field Service Software for Distributors

Using Accolent ERP field service software for distributors allows for:

  • Facilitatating scheduling, communication with, and management of remote field services personnel
  • Provision of value-added field services to customers including scheduling, delivery, obtaining proof-of-delivery, dispatching of field technicians, updating customers on technicians’ arrivals or delays, tracking field services and invoicing, tracking assets and mobile sales
  • Incresing customer satisfaction and retention, increasing revenues, improving productivity and efficiency, and reducing errors
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    Providing value-added services to customers can improve customer relationships. Many studies have shown that customers have a strong preference for in-person service. As such, providing in-person field services can increase customer satisfaction. Distributors that deliver orders, or install, provide maintenance for and repair machinery or equipment have more touchpoints with their customers. This leads to building closer relationships with and developing better insights into customers’ needs, which in turn improves customer retention.

  • Increased Revenues

    Field service software for distributors facilitates the provision of installation, maintenance and break-fix services that are closely related to distributors’ core businesses. These recurring services supplement distributors’ existing wholesale businesses and can create new reliable and predictable revenue streams. Another field services software application can support remote salespersons. Most distributors know that in-person salespersons' visits to customers to take customer orders or provide quotes typically result in higher close rates, increasing revenues.

  • Productivity Improvements

    Field service software for distributors sends and receives data from users’ ERP systems via mobile apps to field service personnel using mobile devices. Communicating with the mobile devices of field personnel gives customers, managers, technical teams, real-time visibility into field service projects. This means that any needs for direction or technical assistance can be quickly addressed. Dispatchers can provide real-time responses to problems such as accidents or traffic blockages. Also, Accolent ERP field service software for distributors delivers mobile apps that are designed for and can be cached on mobile devices. Many field services sites may not have reliable Internet coverage, but these apps will continue to work on the mobile device and will sync once the device gets into cell coverage. This increases the productivity of the field services personnel.

  • Remote Workers

    Though not its primary function, field services software for distributors does facilitate remote users, which is becoming more and more important to today’s workforce. Mobile apps that pull data from distributors’ ERP systems can be customized so that specific jobs that are not really field services, may be able to be performed remotely.

  • Reduced Errors

    By making ERP data directly available to and updated by field service personnel, distributors can cut down on data errors and ensure that all users are working from the same data. Without field service software, distributors and field personnel have to rely on paper forms and data is captured manually and then updated manually to the ERP system. This is very time-consuming, inefficient and error prone. With field service software for distributors, error rates go down considerably, and fixes get done right the first time.

  • Increased Utilization

    Using field service software for distributors allows distributors to track assets and/or manage equipment in real-time. This will substantially increase equipment uptime and utilization. It will also help with scheduling preventative maintenance and reducing equipment downtime.

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Accolent ERP Field Service Apps

Using Accolent ERP, distributors can create customized dispatch, and field services apps. These include:

  • Dispatch app to take incoming service calls and assign to field services personnel
  • Technical services app to allow personnel in the field to perform on-site break-fix or other services
  • Mobile sales app to allow sales from a truck
  • Mobile sales app to allow salespersons to enter orders remotely from customers’ premises
  • Direct to store delivery app to allow third-parties to restock supermarket shelves and track usage
  • Sales automation app to allow remote salespersons to enter leads, and prospects and update CRM records from their phones
  • Proof-of-delivery app to schedule deliveries or pickups and obtain signature, GPS location data and photographs of delivery or pickup
  • Asset tracking app to maintain current status and disposition of truck fleets or other mobile assets
  • Mobile apps work with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems
  • Mobile apps will work even where the mobile device has no coverage and will sync automatically when it does

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