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CRM Details

Tasks, Managing Prospects, Email Campaigns

    • Calendar Tasks

      • Salespersons can create calendar tasks for themselves or other users and can reassign calendar tasks to other users
      • Calendar tasks linked to a company (customer, prospect or other), a contact or an opportunity if set up can be viewed either in a grid format or in a calendar and users can view others’ calendars
      • Opening any calendar task automatically pulls up all transactions for that company
      • While on the phone with a customer/prospect, from the calendar task, user can enter and keep multiple detailed call/meeting notes, update transactions in real-time, add multi-threaded notes, that will be seen by warehouse staff or customer service personnel, to any transaction, add new follow-up calendar tasks for any user
      • In addition, users can access a customer’s full account details without exiting the calendar task, including sales and profitability and sales composition dashboards for the customer
      • Calendar tasks can be sorted and filtered by date, user contact, company, calendar description, subject, detailed comments, etc.

    • Manage Prospects

      • Create full prospect records with multiple contacts, comments, company type, assigned salesperson, etc. just as for customers
      • Assign user-defined prospect types to track progress towards closing
      • Track interactions using calendar tasks and/or notes on the prospect record
      • Access the full product master to create quotes for prospects just as for customers
      • When a deal is closed, with one button, move whole prospect record to a customer
      • Quotes can then be moved directly to orders as needed

    • Execute Outbound Email Marketing Campaigns

      • Use the blast email capabilities to run outbound email marketing campaigns
      • Identify customers and prospects to be contacted and create email marketing campaigns to contact them
      • Create attractive marketing materials for emails and/or attachments using a full-featured HTML editor
      • Include images that are available from a publicly accessible server within your domain that will be accepted by email platforms such as Outlook
      • Filter customers and prospects to pull up those identified for email marketing campaign
      • Select the formatted email with attachment and and then then send the email to the whole selected population with one button
      • Email blast results can be seen and/or exported to Excel

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