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Customer Relationship Management Software

Powerful customer relationship management software features to track prospects and customers and close sales

Customer Relationship Management Software 

Accolent ERP includes powerful customer relationship management software (CRM software) features that are built-in. Calendar tasks allow users to organize meetings, track and schedule follow ups with prospects or existing customers. Users can create sales processes and track progress to close sales to prospects. Sales analyses allow users to easily identify customers that have either had their sales fall off or for whom there are up-sell opportunities. Using built-in HTML editors, configure and send out solicitation emails for defined outbound email campaigns.

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Track Prospects

Create unlimited prospects that can capture and store all the same type of information as maintained for customers. Track prospects through all the phases of your sales process to close deals.

  • Create user-defined sales process stages with icon
  • Assign sales process stages to prospects to track and visualize progress through the sales cycle
  • Maintain unlimited comments on the prospect and sort by user-defined comment type
  • Create quotes for prospects just as you would for existing customers When a deal is closed, one-click conversion of prospect to a customer
create calendar tasks for followup

Create Calendar Tasks

Salespersons can create Calendar Tasks to schedule tasks, calls and/or meetings, and maintain detailed call notes and follow-up steps to manage their sales processes.

  • Display calendar tasks on salespersons’ calendars
  • Assign tasks to other users and these will appear on the assignee’s calendar
  • Track calendar tasks against specific customers, prospects, contacts and opportunities
  • Attach transactions in the system to calendar tasks
  • Maintain full history of all interactions
  • Easily generate salesperson pipeline reports by opportunity by close date, expected revenue, etc.
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Run Outbound Email Campaigns

Using Accolent ERP customer relationship management software, salespersons can create and manage outbound email marketing campaigns to customers or prospects.

  • Use reports and Business Intelligence to identify lists of Customers or Prospects for email marketing
  • Configure visually appealing marketing emails using a full-featured HTML editor
  • Link up outbound marketing platforms to deliver blast emails
  • Maintain the email campaign history which can be searched at any time and/or exported to Excel


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Accolent ERP Customer Relationship Management Software

Accolent ERP Customer Relationship Management software features include:

  • Manage Prospects – Create track and manage prospect records
  • Set User-Defined Prospect Types – Use types to manage prospect statuses and keep track of progress on conversion to customers
  • Work with Prospects - Create quotes for prospects; move prospects to customers at any time
  • CRM Calendar Tasks – Create tasks and display on a calendar, record call notes and follow up; immediate access to all transactions for the customer and the full customer record
  • Assign Calendar Tasks - Assign tasks to users for follow up as necessary
  • Review Sales by Customer by Product or Category - For decliners, automatically assign calendar tasks to salespersons for follow up
  • CRM Email Campaigns – Identify customers and prospects for email campaign and send email
  • Track Email Campaigns – Easily export to excel and keep records of email solicitations

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