Accolent ERP Linkage with Power BI

Power BI Dashboards for Accolent ERP Users

Power BI is a business intelligence tool provided by Microsoft for analyzing and visualizing raw data to uncover actionable information. It combines business analytics, data visualization, and best practices that together help businesses make data-driven decisions. Power BI is now available to Accolent ERP users to use with their business data.

Getting Access to a Power BI Workspace

To use Power BI with your Accolent ERP data, you will need one or more Power BI users. With a Power BI user you will get access to a Workspace that includes datasets and dashboards. Power BI users are purchased from Microsoft. Contact us and we’ll purchase Power BI Pro or Premium users for you and we’ll just pass through the Microsoft Power BI pricing. We have to do this since your users will have to be added on our domain, so we can access the Workspaces to add dashboards and refresh the datasets from Accolent ERP.

Pre-Built Power BI Datasets and Dashboards

We have created several datasets and dashboards that will appear in your Power BI Workspace. These datasets use your data from your Accolent ERP database. All of these datasets are automatically refreshed daily from Accolent ERP through a scheduled SQL job. Once you have a Power BI user, you will be able to use any of the datasets and dashboards already built, at no charge. Beyond the cost of the Power BI users (which are relatively inexpensive), there is no additional cost to you to take advantage of the Power BI integration.

Creating Your Own Dashboards

Using existing datasets you can edit exiting reports or make your own reports. You can turn any reports into dashboards, which are just visualizations of the reports. You can also pull your third-party data (e.g., CRM data) into your Workspace for inclusion in a report or dashboard. There is some investment needed in order to learn how to use Power BI. However, Power BI is very well documented and there are many widely-available videos on how to make Power BI reports. Reports and dashboards can be shared with other Power BI users in your company.

Creating New Datasets

Building new datasets requires a detailed understanding of the Accolent ERP database schema. Moreover the daily refreshing of any new datasets has to be built into the SQL job. For both these reasons you will not be able to create new datasets from your Accolent ERP data on your own. However, we are available to build these for you. We offer professional services to create new datasets and/or new Power BI reports or dashboards to your specifications. Any such new datasets, reports or dashboards that we build for you will be accessible through your Workspace.


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Accolent ERP delivers Power BI Dashboards

The Accolent ERP Power BI integration includes these features:

  • Continuously Updated Data – The Power BI datasets are continually refreshed so that you can run real-time data analyses
  • Power BI Dashboards – We have created a few Power BI dashboards for sales and inventory and we'll continue to add more
  • Create New Power BI Dashboards – You have access to the existing datasets to edit existing reports or create new reports and dashboards in your Worksapce
  • Pull in any Third-Party Data – You can import your third-party data into the Workspace and incorporate this into your Power BI dashboards
  • New Datasets, Reports and Dashoards – We are available to create new datasets and/or Power BI reports and Power BI dashboards to your specifications

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