Accolent ERP Bill of Materials Software

Accolent ERP Bill of Materials Software Supports all Assembly, Process and Light Manufacturing Needs

Complete Bill of Materials Software

Accolent ERP's complete bill of materials software allows unlimited, nested bills of materials to support any assembly, process manufacturing or light manufacturing needs. In addition, Accolent ERP supports both finished and unfinished kits to create new products or bundles of products that are sold together.

  • Bill of materials software supports simple assembly, process manufacturing or other light manufacturing
  • Use the bill of materials software functionality to:
    • combine multiple sub-assemblies into finished goods
    • assign differing valuations for work in process
    • create batches of unfinished items while assembling
    • protect designated Protected Stock from order entry allocation during assembly
    • print worksheet of required assembly materials and steps
  • Use reverse BOM for distributors who cut standard size items and need to track and/or keep inventory of smaller pieces that can be sold
  • Include items in the assembly unique to a particular finished goods unit of measure (e.g., specify different labels and box/bottle sizes for finished goods with differing units of measure)
  • Unlimited levels of nested BOMs: a BOM may be a component of another BOM
  • Ability to attach recipes or assembly instructions to BOMs
  • Cost of BOM reflects most recent cost of products
  • Automatically generate POs for special order items contained on BOM
  • Allows for Finished Kits or Unfinished Kits
  • Finished Kits take components from inventory and combine these to form a new product; can be used as a short-form BOM
  • Finished Kits are displayed, priced, costed and inventoried as the finished product
  • Unfinished Kits are a set of components that may be sold separately but are often sold together as a Kit
  • Unfinished Kits when specified on an order, are replaced by the Kits’ components; any components can be added or deleted as desired, and the order is priced, costed and inventoried by the components
  • Place purchase orders for kits for better vendor prices and disaggregate into underlying kit components
  • Kits may be used to support pour-up or pour-down operations to repackage raw materials in different containers
  • Use kits for re-manufactured auto parts
  • Supports Core tracking and accounting for re-man parts (e.g. brake shoes)
  • Allows refund of the core price with the return of the old core and issuing Credit Memos for these
  • Maintains inventory of Core parts as well as the re-manufactured assemblies incorporating the Cores
  • Pricing of the re-manufactured parts can allow for labor costs of refurbishment
  • For example, for Auto parts Cores:
    • Set up the brake shoe (i.e., the core) as a separate part and set up a kit which includes the brake shoe, a refitted new brake pad and the labor for refurbishing this assembly as a finished kit brake assembly
    • Finishing a brake assembly kit (i.e., Re-man), causes inventory of the brake assembly to go up and inventory of brake shoes and brake pads to go down
    • Return of a used brake shoe (i.e., return of a Core), causes inventory of the brake shoe only to go up, or create a kit to disassemble a used assembly and retain only the Core
    • Purchase of brake pads, increases inventory of these only
    • Auto parts companies can track the cores by setting these up as serialized products
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