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Accolent ERP Software for Bill of Materials Software and Kitting

Accolent ERP Software for Bill of Materials & Kitting Supports Assembly and Light Manufacturing

Accolent ERP Software for Bill of Materials

Accolent ERP's bill of materials and kitting functionality provides complete support for assembly, process manufacturing or other light manufacturing operations. The software bill of materials functionality lends itself to any kind of staged process where additional light manufacturing and/or product customization may be required including: combining lower level assemblies into a finished product, processing chemical mixtures, tooling, plating, grinding, threading, painting, lacquer, staining, etc. The Accolent ERP software bill of materials functionality is fully integrated with all other Accolent ERP capabilities. For simpler processes, Accolent ERP offers extensive kitting and assembly capabilities that can also handle remanufactured items.

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Powerful Software for Bill of Materials

Complete software for bill of materials supports assembly, process manufacturing and other light manufacturing applications.

  • Unlimited number of BOM components that can be raw material products or sales products
  • Unlimited levels of nested child BOMs for sub-assemblies or processes
  • Remove BOM components from inventory and record as Work-in Process (WIP) inventory until BOM process is completed
  • Track WIP throughout the BOM process and assign differing valuations through the process
  • Create finished BOM products in any unit of measure
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Manage Bill of Materials Production Processes

Commencement of a BOM process automatically calculates Can Make finished quantity based on inventory on hand of components.

  • Plan utilization of raw materials or finished components
  • Maintain process and production plans
  • Track finished product yields and wastage
  • Automatically create and place Purchase Orders for components which must be purchased in advance
  • Use reverse BOMs to pour-down into smaller UOMs or to cut standard size items and track smaller pieces
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Kitting Capabilities

For simpler assemblies with fewer stages and/or components, Accolent ERP also provides extensive kitting and assembly capabilities that can also handle remanufactured items.

  • Kits can be either finished or unfinished
  • Unfinished kits are essentially a group of products that are sold together as a bundle
  • Finished kits involve some kind of manufacturing or assembly process and can incorporate labor
  • Pricing of finished kits can be assigned by the kit, or as total price of the kit components plus an optional kit discount
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Accolent ERP Software for Bill of Materials and Kitting

The Accolent ERP software bill of materials includes these features:

  • Support for Nested BOMs – Accolent ERP allows a BOM to be a component of another BOM
  • Unlimited levels of Nested BOMs – There are no limits on the number of nested BOMs
  • Raw Materials, Labor – Raw Materials, Labor and other inventory and non-inventory products may be added to a BOM
  • Recipes, Assembly Instructions – Allows attachment of recipes and/or assembly instructions to the Parent product BOM
  • Wastage – The costs of wasted components are spread over the average costs of the finished products; costs of any salvageable components may be adjusted out and returned to inventory

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