Download Technical Requirements for Hardware Scanning Devices that Work with Accolent’s Wireless WMS System

How to Choose Hardware Scanning Devices that Work With Accolent’s Wireless WMS System

There are two basic approaches that can be used for WMS devices (scanners). The first option involves the use of a tablet (e.g., Windows Surface, Samsung Galaxy, iPad) in conjunction with a bar code scanner sled attachment or, more commonly, a Bluetooth-enabled hand-held scanner.

The second option involves the use of an-all-in-one hand-held unit that is essentially a mobile computing device incorporating a scanner gun and a built-in screen.

Each approach offers its own merits in terms of cost, mobility, and durability. There are literally hundreds of scanning devices that will work with Accolent’s WWMS; however, each manufacturer typically sells each device with a choice of operating systems and browsers. Since the device you use to integrate with Accolent’s WWMS module must run a full, standard (not stripped-down) web browser, we strongly recommend you work closely with your reseller or our contact at Barcodes Inc. so you order the right version.

Download this technical guide for more information.


Download Tech Specs Here