Enterprise Distribution Software

Accolent ERP for Mid-Sized and Large Distributors

Whether you are a mid-sized or a large distribution business, you will find that Accolent ERP has all the functionality you need to operate your business.

The ability to define an unlimited number of unique user roles in terms of access rights, ability to see data or request reports, edit privileges, etc., can scale to any size organization and accommodate any degree of departmental/organizational complexity. The ability to support multiple warehouses and support for centralized purchasing and warehouse transfers means that the software can easily support the multi-branch, multi-warehouse structures of mid-sized and large enterprises.

Increasingly, mid-sized and large enterprises want to be able to use multiple software tools for different applications. Accolent ERP is designed to link easily with third-party applications. So, for example, whether your organization uses an established CRM provider, a sales-tax rate provider, third-party freight carriers or a 3PL fulfillment capability, Accolent ERP can accommodate your needs.

Mid-sized and enterprise-level distributors want fully integrated, fully functional e-commerce capabilities, and Accolent ERP can deliver this. Accolent ERP offers fully-integrated e-Wholesale and e-Retail modules. With e-Wholesale your dealers and wholesale customers can securely place orders, check on the status of orders, review their accounts and make payments on their accounts. With e-Retail your organization can execute on your online retail strategies and implement SEO programs. Both the e-Wholesale and e-Retail websites can be easily modified using standard CSSs to match your corporate online “look and feel”

In addition, Accolent’s software has a state-of-the art web-architecture, is built on ASP.NET, C# and SQL technologies and runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. That makes Accolent easily scalable to suit the IT infrastructure needs of even large organizations.

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