e-Commerce Software for Distributors

Accolent ERP e-commerce software for distributors is comprised of two applications:

e-Wholesale and e-Retail allow distributors to sell over the Internet to both their wholesale customers and retail visitors.

Placing Orders with e-Commerce Software

e-Wholesale allows existing customers place orders online and get complete access to their accounts to see history, see customer statements, make payments on their accounts and other transactions. e-Retail allows distributors to create an online retail storefront and sell on the web. Internet visitors can browse to your e-Retail website, select products to add to a shopping cart look up freight rates, select a freight vendor, and make payments.

Both e-commerce options offer a wide variety of secure, fully PCI-compliant payment options (e.g., MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Google Wallet, PayPal or ACH) and work with virtually all major payment gateways and payment processors. Once orders are placed in e-Wholesale or e-Retail, they are immediately available as orders in Accolent ERP to be processed and fulfilled just as if they been placed with your sales personnel.

Integrated e-Commerce Inventory Management Software

Both e-commerce applications are integrated directly into the Accolent ERP database, allowing for real-time e-commerce inventory management directly from Accolent ERP. You choose which products to display online, and the associated product information including image, list price, weight, cubes, package information, web comments and optional in-stock level will pull directly from Accolent ERP. e-commerce users will be able to view your available products, search for specific products and drill-down to product details. You can also highlight specific products as “New”, “Special”, or “Featured”.

Easy Access to e-Commerce Applications

With one button, your customers can launch any of the e-commerce websites directly from your corporate website.

Easy Customization of e-Commerce Websites

All e-commerce applications are comprised of web pages that have been built using standard CSS style sheets and can be easily customized to suit the “look and feel” of your corporate website. From the CSS, you can easily change themes, colors, fonts, rearrange menus, add social media buttons, live chat, maps, etc.