Accolent e-Retail

Open Up a New Sales Channel – Retail

You’re already selling over the Internet to your existing wholesale customers – why not let retail visitors find your website and place orders? With e-Retail you can do just that.

An Integrated Retail Web Store with SEO

The e-Retail application is similar to e-Wholesale but allows you to set up a Web Store targeted to retail customers. Unlike e-Wholesale, access to e-Retail is not restricted, and visitors can enter without a password.

Use SEO to Enhance Your Products’ Visibility

When you select a product to display in e-Retail, specify SEO titles, key words, descriptions and add meta-tags for products so that your specific e-Retail pages can be easily found by retail visitors performing Internet searches for products. When your product is found in an Internet search, the link will open your e-Retail product page for that product.

Retail Customers Can Browse your Products

Retail visitors will be able to browse your products, easily search for specific products and see product information and images, as well as accessory and alternate products.

Freight Rate Look-Ups and Payment Options

Retail customers will be able to put items in their “shopping carts”, look up freight rates and select freight carriers to complete their orders. Then they will be able to select from your preferred list of secure payment options and pay for their orders.

More Than Just Shopping Cart Software

Inventory levels are adjusted real-time with Accolent e-Retail because it ties into the same central database as your other accounting, purchasing, and fulfillment software. Accurate, integrated up-to-the-minute order processing helps avoid out-of-stocks, improves customer service, and reduces accounting errors and redundancies.

For a list of supported credit card gateways, please click here.