Download this e-Guide “How the Distribution Game is NOT Changing”

e-Guide: "How The Distribution Game is Not Changing"

In this e-Guide : How The Distribution Game is Not Changing, we explain how the game has NOT changed ... but the tools have

Despite all the attention on the changing game in distribution and manufacturing, the basic principles of success are still the same.

In all wholesale distribution industries you still need to:

  • Buy Low and Sell (as) High (as You Can)
  • Stock Only What You Need
  • Shorten Replenishment Lead Times
  • Ship Fast and Cheap
  • Manage AP/AR Efficiently, and Don’t Pay to Get Paid
  • Retain Your Customers
  • Manage Your Warehouse
  • Maintain Good Relationships with your Vendors and Suppliers

Learn about what has changed — and the tools distributors are using to stay competitive.

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