Download “Cloud vs. On-Premise Software: Are You Still Debating?”

e-Guide: "Cloud vs. On-Premise Software: Are You Still Debating?”

Download this e-Guide: Cloud vs.On-Premise Software: Are You Still Debating? to clarify the factors to compare. On the surface, the Cloud seems like a much more sensible approach to using software, and a way to generate cost-savings from economies of scale.....

But is it secure? Will it indeed lead to increased productivity because of its ease of access? And most importantly, do the benefits of this disruptive technology outweigh the risks of jumping feet-first into this new trend?

We look at these issues:

  1. How does Cloud software affect your employees’ productivity?
  2. What effect does Cloud software have on your IT costs?
  3. Why does on-premise software limit your investment capital?
  4. Is Cloud or on-premise software more cost-effective on a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) basis?
  5. Is On-premise software more secure?

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