Advantage Software for Wholesale Distributors

With decades of focus solely on the distribution industry, Advantage software is a powerful alternative for growing wholesale distribution businesses. Advantage offers the sophisticated inventory tracking, pricing and industry-specific features that distributors need and accommodates the needs of distributor partners such as trade associations, buying groups, and others with features like EDI, rebate processing, and electronic price updates, as well as catalog export and import.

Advantage is a fully-integrated software suite which includes functionality for purchasing, inventory, customer service, sales, warehouse management, fulfillment, e-commerce, and full financial accounting.

Powerful Purchasing Tools

Advantage ensures your strategic purchasing decisions maintain adequate stock levels, fulfill special orders and get the best prices. With Advantage you can send RFQs to multiple vendors and compare vendors’ terms. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) takes the guesswork out of getting the order quantity right so as to optimize your ROI. You can automatically consolidate POs to achieve shipping and pricing discounts, capture vendor incentives, and efficiently process special orders. Warehouse management features simplify tasks for multiple warehouses.

Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Force

Advantage accommodates flexible pricing and discount structures, point of sale invoicing, and automatic special order processing. You can design multi-level, incentive-ready commission plans to reward performance. The “commission take back” feature means that sales commissions can be dependent on the profit margin. Advantage’s powerful analytics empower your sales people so they know who your customers are, what they buy, and what they value, and when they should reorder. Features such as reordering from past invoices, quotes, frequently purchased products, alternate products, and accessories, shorten the sales cycle and help your team provide excellent customer service to improve customer retention.

Tracking Financial Performance

Advantage’s comprehensive accounting functionality and extensive reports allow you to track expenditures, income, budgets, and personnel, utilizing industry best practices. Complete, periodic financial statements allow you to manage and optimize financial performance. You can easily drill down from General Ledger (GL) screens to see details of each item. The fully integrated, flexible accounting system includes multiple levels of security, a complete audit trail, fully GAAP-compliant financial statements and built-in best practice procedures.

Put Advantage to Work for You

Call us to find out what generations of distributors have already learned – Advantage software is the right-sized alternative for your growing wholesale distribution business. Let us power your growth.