Compare Acumatica, Accolent ERP and Other Cloud ERP Vendors

Compare Cloud ERP Software

Over the last few years, technology has moved past old client-server architectures to the current web architecture. The changeover is well passed the tipping point, and it’s time to consider moving to true web-based software written to the current standards. Cloud based ERP software offers several benefits: it is current rather than old technology, it takes advantage of the scale economics of the Cloud, it can scale easily with your business, it frees you up from the IT burden of managing your hardware and network, and it is available on a subscription basis. See our white paper: Is Cloud ERP Really Cheaper?

Accolent ERP an Alternative to Acumatica and Other Cloud ERP Vendors

While there are software vendors that offer Cloud ERP solutions, few also have the 30+ year history of providing ERP software. Accolent ERP draws on a deep understanding of the distribution business and a long history of providing software to distributors and light manufacturers.

Accolent ERP is a good alternative for distributors and manufacturers looking for Cloud ERP software and considering Acumatica or other Cloud ERP vendors. Contact us if you want to convert to a Cloud ERP solution or want to compare Acumatica with Accolent ERP or other Cloud ERP vendors.

Accolent ERP Software for Distributors

ADS Solutions® has been providing software to distributors across all industries for decades. As a result, Accolent ERP has all the work flows, processes and features that distributors need with powerful, intuitive and easy to navigate screens.

Accolent ERP is built on a web architecture and is written using the latest Microsoft technologies. Accolent ERP can be either installed on-premise or hosted in the Cloud. Because it is web-based, you and your staff can access Accolent ERP anytime, from anywhere, using any device running a standard web browser – providing tremendous flexibility and power to your business.