Alternative to Activant Software

Activant was Acquired by Epicor

Activant was acquired by Epicor and this can create questions as to which platforms will or will not be supported by Epicor going forward. Accolent ERP is a good alternative for businesses using Activant’s products and concerned about the product direction following the acquisition of Activant by Epicor. Also unlike Activant, Accolent ERP runs in the Cloud and is built using the very latest technologies. Contact us if you want to discuss converting from Activant and Epicor products to Accolent ERP.

Accolent ERP Software is Cloud Alternative to Activant

ADS Solutions® has been providing software to distributors across all industries for decades. As a result, Accolent ERP has all the work flows, processes and features that businesses need with powerful, intuitive and easy to navigate screens.

Accolent ERP is built on a web architecture and is written using the latest Microsoft technologies. Accolent ERP can be either installed on-premise or hosted in the Cloud. Because it is Cloud-based, users can access Accolent ERP anytime, from anywhere, using any device running a standard web browser – providing tremendous flexibility and power to your business.