ADS Software Products for Distributors

ADS Solutions Software Products
With over 30 years of experience providing software for small and mid-sized distributions businesses, ADS Solutions® offers multiple software products that can be installed on-premises or in the Cloud.

Accolent ERP

Accolent ERP is our latest, state-of-the-art, Cloud-based software product providing businesses with comprehensive, end-to-end, management software tailored to their industries. Accolent ERP is a fully-integrated software suite delivering the accounting, inventory control, sales, CRM, customer service, purchasing, warehouse management, fulfillment, financial tracking, reporting and business intelligence functionality that businesses need. Accolent ERP can be run on any device that runs a standard web browser and needs no other software installed on the device.  Read More >


The portfolio of Accolent ERP e-commerce applications includes e-Wholesale and e-Retail. Each of these e-commerce software applications are accessed securely over the Internet, are integrated directly into the Accolent ERP database and can be accessed directly or launched from your corporate website.

The e-Wholesale application allows you to create an online customer portal from which your existing customers can place orders and have complete access to their account details. The e-Retail application allows you to create an online retail storefront allowing retail visitors to browse to your website, place orders, look up freight rates, select a freight vendor, and make online payments.  Read More >


Advantage is ADS Solutions® older client-server business management software. In contrast to Accolent ERP which can be either installed on-premises or hosted in the Cloud, Advantage business management software is an on-premises-only solution.  Read More >