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Cloud vs On-Premise Distribution Solutions

Because Accolent ERP is a web-architected solution, it can be deployed in the Cloud or locally on an on-premises server. Though it performs similarly regardless of deployment method, each of these options has its own benefits. Call us and we can help you decide which deployment model is right for you.

1.) Cloud Deployment

In a Cloud model, you contract for a server from a cloud computing vendor (e.g., Amazon Web Services) so you don’t need to purchase server hardware, or set up a proprietary network, or have IT resources on your staff to manage and maintain your network. This make it easy to scale your computing needs up or down to suit changing needs. Read More About Cloud Hosted Solutions

2.) On-Premise Installations

When you purchase a wholesale inventory management system and have it installed on your own server, you are responsible for maintaining your server and network. Some companies that have dedicated IT departments are equipped to, and prefer to, manage their own hardware in this way.
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