Selecting the right web-based distribution software can be time-intensive and take you away from other top priorities. To avoid this you need to start by knowing what you are looking for. Armed with the right information, selecting the right web-based software can be a relatively straightforward task. You already know your company's functional requirements. So you need to understand the benefits of technology that differentiates legacy software from true web-based solutions. This will help you to narrow your choices. Follow these simple guidelines to choose the right ERP software.

Choose Web-Based Distribution Software Built on Modern Technology

As more and more businesses are enjoying the stability, cost-savings, and convenience of web-based, Cloud-hosted software, many distribution software vendors are delivering web-based look-alikes. Don't be fooled though. In reality these vendors' look-alikes are not actually web-based, but just client-server software hosted in the Cloud with a software client on users' devices. These vendors rely on the fact that users of these look-alikes can click on a remote-desktop-like icon to access their software, to stretch the truth and label themselves as web-based. Accolent ERP is one of very few ERP systems written completely as a web-based solution, and Accolent ERP is the only web-based solution that was built with the singular focus to serve the wholesale distribution industry.

You should choose web-based distribution software because:

  • Web-based software represents the current technology paradigm, unlike client-server software which is obsolete
  • Web-based software will allow you to integrate with other solutions down the road that you will inevitably find useful
  • It gives you access to powerful integrations that can improve your business processes and deliver more efficient workflows
  • it's adaptable and easy to scale: Add users? Increase processor capacity? Need more storage? No problem!
  • It offers easy installation and maintenance: web-based software is continually updated and always current; no need to upgrade your client-server software every 6-12 months
  • Because it runs on the web, you can access your system anywhere, anytime, from any device that needs no installed client software other than a standard web browser.

Choose Software Vendors with Deep Experience in Distribution

There are many established ERP providers, but very few like ADS Solutions that have a singular focus on distribution. Why is that important? Well, you need software that understands and is designed for your business. So why would you choose generic business software with a distribution snap-in module that doesn’t really match a distributor’s unique workflow?

ADS Solutions draws from over 4 decades of experience serving wholesalers and distributors. We’ve taken feedback from our customers for nearly 40 years and poured this into product upgrades and new features that are important to today’s wholesalers and distributors.

Expect an ROI on Web-Based Distribution Software

Look for web-based distribution software that has powerful features and tools that will increase your sales and cut down on your costs:

Accolent ERP can help with all of that! And with its true web-based architecture, it has API links to other best-in-class software systems that give you access to powerful features:

  • Avalara – integration that provides real-time sales tax rates for every transaction
  • CardConnect – full support for all integrated payments (credit cards, ACH, card-present terminals, remote payment portal, etc.)
  • ExchangeRates – integration that supports multicurrency with real-time FX rates for 200+ currencies
  • EasyPost – access to all major carriers and many regional carriers for small parcel shipping
  • FreightPOP – full TMS system integration with direct linkages to over 300 carriers for Parcel, LTL, FTL, Steamship Lines, Air carriers for inbound and outbound freight
  • Multichannel Online Stores – integration with multiple eCommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, etc.)
  • Multichannel Online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, WalMart, etc.)
  • Phocas Software - full BI and data analytics integrated with Accolent ERP
  • PowerBI – multiple reports and dashboards created in PowerBI and delivering Accolent ERP data
  • Tipalti – full AP Automation for vendor payments


So now that you’ve limited your ERP selection to one that is web-based, one that was designed for distributors, and one that is packed with powerful integrations, your decision will be much easier. Contact us to learn more about Accolent ERP web-based software built for distributors.