choose web-architected distribution software

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Selecting the right web-architected distribution software can be time-intensive, taking you away from other top priorities - or it can be a relatively straightforward task if you know what you are looking for. Knowing your company's functional requirements and having a solid understanding of the technology that differentiates legacy software from true web-architected solutions can help narrow your choices. Follow these simple guidelines to choose the right ERP software.

Choose Distribution Software Built on Modern Technology

As more and more businesses are enjoying the stability, cost-savings, and convenience of browser-based, Cloud-hosted software, many distribution software vendors are delivering “Cloud look-alikes”: software that is not actually web architected, but that stores some component of its software or your data in the Cloud, allowing them to stretch the truth and label themselves as ‘web-architected’. In addition to Accolent ERP, there is only one other distribution software provider that it truly web-architected, and Accolent ERP is the only web-architected solution that was built with the singular focus to serve the wholesale distribution industry.

Choose Web-Architected Browser-Based Software Because:

  • it’s less likely to become obsolete anytime soon
  • web-architected software will allow you to integrate with other solutions down the road that you will inevitably find useful
  • enterprise-level systems see improved business processes and more efficient work flow
  • it's adaptable and easy to scale: Add users? Increase processor capacity? Need more storage? No problem!
  • easy installation and maintenance: no need to upgrade each client PC, and upgrades will be performed by experienced professional to a single server, yielding more predictable and reliable results
  • access your system anywhere, any time, from any device that has a standard web browser.

Limit Your Choice to Software Vendors with Deep Experience in Distribution

There are many terrific ERP companies, but only ADS Solutions has a singular focus on distribution. Why is that important? Well, your dentist wouldn’t choose a tool your doctor uses, would he? So why would you choose generic business software with a distribution snap-in module that doesn’t really match a distributor’s unique workflow?

ADS Solutions draws from 3 decades of experience serving wholesalers and distributors. We’ve taken feedback from our customers for over 30 years and poured them into product upgrades and new features that are important to today’s wholesalers and distributors.

Expect an ROI on Web-Architected Distribution Software

Look for distribution software that has business intelligence tools that can save you on:

Accolent ERP can help with all of that! And with its true web-architecture, Accolent can link to other software enhancements that provide even deeper functionality in some of these areas, for example:

  • ShippingEasy, which helps shippers secure the best possible shipping rates
  • Basware, for purchase to pay and automated e-Invoicing
  • Claritum, for enhanced procurement efficiencies and a dynamic, competitive RFQ process to help you source the best products at the best prices

So now that you’ve limited your ERP selection to one that is built on a modern web-architecture, one that was designed by distributors, for distributors, and one that is packed with business intelligence tools, your decision will be much easier, and you can get back to work, doing what you do best.