New ADS Solutions Global Partnerships and Business Intelligence Tools

There are lots of good things happening at ADS Solutions, including some fantastic new features!


ADS Solutions' Accolent ERP software is a leading Cloud-based software solution for wholesale distributors that delivers all of the functionality distributors need. Many new features were added to Accolent ERP in recent months, including performance enhancements. Also new ADS Solutions global partnerships with leading technology providers expand Accolent ERPs functionality:


Basware is a global leader in automated accounts payable and e-invoicing solutions. Many Basware customers have been able to lower their purchase-to-pay costs by 40-60%. See press release.


Claritum is a leading provider of spend management and procurement solutions. Whether it's controlling your tail spend or helping you reduce your inventory on hand through automated procurement technology, Claritum has answers. See press release.


ShippingEasy, a subsidiary of Stamps.comoffers low UPS, FedEx, and USPS postage rates and integrates directly with leading marketplaces, shopping carts, and e-commerce platforms (including Accolent e-Wholesale and Accolent e-Retail) allowing distributors to maintain multiple e-commerce store fronts. See press release.

New Report Generator

Accolent has a new, fully-integrated report generator that delivers comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools. The benefits reach far beyond pretty pictures: they encompass data visualization tools that allow Accolent users to create custom reports which help them turn data into business intelligence. Get the answers you need to help drive your business decisions with our new reporting tool.

Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Software

Accolent ERP is Cloud-based ERP software built on a true web architecture, making it easy to expand functionality, add features, and scale as you grow. Web-based applications like Accolent ERP use a website as its user-interface, or 'front-end', making it easy to access from any computer or device with a standard browser that is connected to the internet. This is in contrast to traditional client-server applications like Advantage, which are installed on a local server or computer. Applications that are written in code that is native to the Web offer easy integration with other similar software as opposed to software that is written in proprietary code. In short, modern web architecture allows for easier modification, integration, and future expansion.