Accounting Software for Wholesalers

Powerful Accounting Software for Wholesale Distributors

The best accounting software for wholesalers needs to be GAAP compliant and give managers access to all the data and reports they need to manage their businesses.

ADS Solutions® flexible, financial accounting software has all the functionality you need to power your wholesale distribution business. Our accounting software is configurable to adapt to your unique business processes rather than the other way around. Our software includes multiple levels of security, a complete audit trail, fully GAAP-compliant financial statements, extensive reporting, embedded business intelligence and built-in best practices.

View Details of Our Accounting Software for Wholesalers:

General Ledger
  • Fully integrated General Ledger with multi-segment Chart of Accounts capability
  • Ability to generate user-defined financial statements by warehouse location and/or by department
  • Full drill-down capability for all financial statements to individual voucher or invoice levels
  • Includes ability to set default posting or allocation accounts
  • Supports detailed budgeting by General Ledger account, by department, and by warehouse
  • Financial reports can be easily customized and exported to Microsoft Excel


Accounts Receivable
  • Maintain invoices, accounts receivable, and payment detail for an unlimited user-specified time period
  • Directly access a customer’s open and paid invoices:
    • current 30/60/90/120 aging
    • amount due with and without interest charges
    • collection comments
    • payment history by item if multiple payments are applied to an invoice
    • see last payment listing with detail on how payments were allocated
    • monthly sales and payment summary history screens for the last 3 years (or more)
  • Ability to support complex cash and payment date discount rules
  • Charge and book finance charges with flexibility as to how applied
  • Detailed aging reports on a number of different bases
  • Easily generate customer statements for one, all, or a group of customers and automatically deal with specified ship-to locations and bill-to locations
  • Monthly sales tax journal by user-defined tax jurisdiction
  • Supports split tax jurisdiction codes/rates
  • Create bank deposit slips automatically
  • Ability to write-off accounts receivable balance to multiple General Ledger accounts during cash receipt process
  • Cashiering functions allow quick over-the-counter sales
  • Flexible cash receipts capability to apply cash, accept and apply deposits and view customer ledger card
  • Easily access customer master record from within the cash receipts program
  • From within the customer master record, view in summary or detail:
    • orders
    • quotes
    • back orders
    • future orders
    • work orders and pick tickets
    • invoices
    • special orders
    • open balances and payment history
  • Ability to process next month’s sales before closing last month’s transactions.
  • Ability to age Accounts Receivable as of a past date
  • Supports Recurring Billing


Recurring Billing
  • Permits repetitive billing for leases, contracts, split terms billing, group membership billing and any other type of recurring invoicing where a specified amount is due for a specified number of billing periods
  • Invoices are created automatically a specified number of days before the next payment is due
  • List of invoices created and sent-to-date for each “contract”
  • Lease payment coupons available


Credit Card Processing/ACH Payments
  • Permits taking payments by credit card, e-Check or ACH payments
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Provides for secure vaulting of customer credit card numbers behind the payment gateway firewall
  • Supports most major payment gateways and payment processors
  • Works with all major credit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express, as well as Google Wallet, PayPal, and more
  • Apply payments to individual invoices or batches of invoices


Accounts Payable
  • Easy vendor look-up with multiple cross references
  • Easy access to vendor ledger card with full drill-down capabilities
  • Supports multiple bank accounts and checkbooks, edit reports and batch reconciliations
  • Ability to set invoice payment priorities and check writing
  • Cash requirements report forecasts cash needed for cash discounts
  • Accounts payable aging:
    • by vendor payment priority
    • due date
    • by vendor
    • as of a past date
  • Warnings if Purchase Order, Receiving Document, and Voucher totals vary
  • Ability to allocate a single voucher to one or multiple receiving transactions
  • Ability to easily process 1099 forms


  • Permits transactions in foreign currencies for purchases from foreign vendors or sales to foreign customers
  • Transactions with foreign counterparties denominated in specified foreign currency and converted back into US dollars as the system’s functional currency
  • Tracks foreign currency gains and losses
  • Tracks realized and unrealized foreign currency gains and losses
  • Exchange rates can be manually entered or automatically updated

Fully Integrated Accounting System for Wholesalers

The best accounting software for wholesalers should be designed to deliver fully integrated functionality. We keep all your orders, back orders, special orders, purchase orders, etc., fully integrated, and this takes away your need to keep track of all the parts of these transactions separately. All elements of your business’ work flow are fully integrated into complete GAAP financial statements and management reports.

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Our accounting software for wholesalers and ERP system are built on a state-of-the-art Cloud-based system. This gives you access to your wholesale accounting software and the ability to manage your business securely from any device that runs a simple web browser, from anywhere, 24/7 over the Internet.